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Heirs of Blood and Feathers

(Age of Remnants, Book #1)

Two mortal enemies.
One shared prophecy.
They must unite to save the last remnants of their dying world.

Driven by a prophecy of the shifter shamans, Aderyn Wyndchaser journeys through the broken world to the heart of her enemies' territory, home of vampires and their Mad King. But the last thing she expects is the charismatic and gorgeous ruler who commands as much respect as fear.

Odran Rhys has no reason to believe the childish tales of the Devourer, the ancient evil responsible for the Withering, and is much more fascinated by his fierce and beautiful guest. Even when she shares with him the horrific vision and pleas for an alliance, he is convinced his kingdom will stand.

But then a rash of attacks and murders rocks the vampires' loyalties to their lord while his growing attraction to the shifter ambassador makes his subjects question his sanity. Now Aderyn must work to help Odran hold his kingdom even if she does not understand what is growing between them.

For if he falls, so will the world.

September 1st, 2020.

Lords of Lies and Prophecies
(Age of Remnants Book #2)

It will take an impossible alliance to save the remnants of their kind.

But will the shifters slaughter themselves even before the Devourer destroys the world?

Morag, the great vampire stronghold, has fallen. Odran Rhys has led his people across the brutal desert to join with their enemy in the name of survival. But when they arrive at the shifters’ territory, he finds instead the threat of genocide at every turn.

Aderyn Wyndchaser is home at last, but her already tenuous position as Omega Alpha is further undermined by her sharing a bed with the vampire king. Now, she must not only convince her people that the alliance is needed, but that she is capable of leading them.

As Odran attempts to strength Aderyn's position, civil war erupts. Loyalties are divided. Truth and lies blur. And the rulers' feelings for each other are tested like never before. But they must rise above it all before the Devourer arrives.

Because it will annihilate them all.

In the Beginning of the End

Short story prequel to the Age of Remnants trilogy

In the beginning, the Mother Goddess created the world and humanity. When vampires and shifters came along, she loved them all equally. Except they did not love each other.

Available only through proof of purchase of any of the Age of Remnants books.

August, 2020.

25 Days of Joie

A stand-alone Yultide fantasy romance

Krynn Olwen has prepared all year for her first Yule without her mother. For 25 days, she must give presents to those who make up the beautiful town of Port Joie. It turns out the gift giving can be a dangerous responsibility, for if she fails, the entire city will be destroyed. Three gorgeous men are determined to keep her safe, but will the vicious winter gremlins claim her life and watch with glee as Port Joie tumbles into the sea?

December 23, 2018.

Harnessing the Winds

A Tale of The Abandoned, Book #1

Captain Artemia Storm's magic has failed her. Without enough to protect her crew, a vicious sea hag curses her and all the women on her ship, The Abandoned. Never again will they be able to step foot onto land. Artemia will do anything to break the hex and free her crew. She plans to remove the cruel curse by inviting the Four Winds to join their magic with hers and kill the wretched hag. But will Artemia be able to convince four gorgeous men to be magically bound to a feared pirate or will they all end up as bones at the bottom of the endless seas?

June 26th, 2018.

Bound by a Ban-sidhe
(A Samhain short novelette)

On Samhain, the veil between the realms of the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

No feast, treats, or costumes for Dusana. She’s stuck watching over the village’s flock alone again, like she’s done a thousand times before. Her quiet night is shattered when she must defend the herd from three huge wolves who turn out to be something much more frightening: three gorgeous shifters. The shifters are under the spell of a fearsome ban-sidhe, and Dusana is eager to help them. But what can a simple shepherdess do against a ban-sidhe on a night that her foul magic will be at its strongest?

September 24, 2019.

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