25 Days of Joie

Krynn Olwen has prepared all year for her first Yule without her mother. For 25 days, she must give presents to those who make up the beautiful town of Port Joie. It turns out the gift giving can be a dangerous responsibility, for if she fails, the entire city will be destroyed. Three gorgeous men are determined to keep her safe, but will the vicious winter gremlins claim her life and watch with glee as Port Joie tumbles into the sea?

December 23, 2018.

Harnessing the Winds

A Tale of The Abandoned, Book #1

Captain Artemia Storm's magic has failed her. Without enough to protect her crew, a vicious sea hag curses her and all the women on her ship, The Abandoned. Never again will they be able to step foot onto land. Artemia will do anything to break the hex and free her crew. She plans to remove the cruel curse by inviting the Four Winds to join their magic with hers and kill the wretched hag. But will Artemia be able to convince four gorgeous men to be magically bound to a feared pirate or will they all end up as bones at the bottom of the endless seas?

June 26th, 2018.

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